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    Default Awesome opening weekend for RCFFS

    The weather was a little challenging with cold and then rain but it was all sunshine by Sunday afternoon. No denying that new driver, 19 yo Garrett Dettman did Mike Rand’s #37 Crossle-Honda proud with three wins. With all due modesty (yeah, a modest FF driver?) maybe the best race was the Sunday afternoon final. Danny Pyanowski and I passed pole-sitter Garrett at the start going into turn 4 seeing who could brake late, later and latest. It was three wide but everyone gave just enough room for it to all work out. A battle royal developed but unfortunately Danny high-sided the curb at turn 10, damaging his left side suspension and coming to a stop bringing out a full course yellow. It was then up to me to keep “the kid” honest and I diced with him the whole distance. In the end he won by 1.4 seconds and 0.2 second faster best lap.
    Mark Kingham had a good first race weekend. He has a pretty good coach of course.
    Unfortunately my GoPro batteries didn’t survive my almost two year layoff so I didn’t get any video.
    On a personal note, it was my first race after having 12 hour cancer surgery December 21, 2020 and then spending 2021recovering. I’m happy to be alive and thrilled to be dicing it out at the front.
    Let’s get those cars ready for round two at PittRace.
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    Congratulations on your recovery Dave. Hope to see you guys at PittRace
    Brandon L. #96 FF
    -PM me for RF85/86 bellhousing

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    Default Great news. Thanks for the update


    so happy to hear from you doing so well. Congratulations to you and your medical team. Car seems to be sorted ! Well done to all who went to M-O.


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    It was a solid weekend of open wheel racing, across the board!

    Good field of well prepared, good looking RCFFS cars. Great to see Dave back. Hope we see some more drivers take advantage of the quality and quantity of track time available at PIRC and Summit.
    Greg Rice,
    RiceRace will offer Consulting Services. Available for Runoffs and beyond!
    2020 & 2022 F1600 Champion, 2020 SCCA FF Champion, 2021 SCCA FC Champion,
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    I don’t even know you Dave, but love a good recovery story and Thanks for sharing yours.

    I totally get how important this race was for you, and am genuinely happy to hear how well it went!

    If twice as rich we’d buy a double-wide

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    Default Mid-Ohio RCFFS

    Finally got to race with someone. I've been to SCCA races where I was the only F/F. Chip, Mark K.,and I were all close all weekend. Sunday afternoon race was a blast. Close clean racing. Thanks to you both for the thrill. Mark Davis

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    Default fun weekend

    I had fun despite the weather and my lack of speed. Always a good time with RCFFS racers and the no hassle FRP weekends.

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    Default Dave what a great summary

    This is my first post on Apex and Mid-Ohio was the first RCFFS race for me and my son Garrett. As you know, we are both new to competitive racing. The first race weekend was a blast and personally speaking, meeting each of you was an honor and a pleasure. Garrett and I look forward to the next race weekends on the calendar.

    Yes, Garrett had a very good opening weekend. He has worked hard to build his skills on iRacing and he's learned as much as he could about Mike Rand's car over the last 5 weeks. Dave you were right on, the best race upfront was race 3 between Danny, Garrett and yourself. I have Garrett's cam footage in the attached link that shows the 3 wide racing in 4 & 5 twice! That's where I was positioned during the race, so I caught it live as well. Great racing!

    Thanks so much everyone for your kindness and acceptance into your circle...looking forward to many more good times.


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    My move to F1600 didn't go as planned, but my son Mark's first RCFFS race weekend (and first overall after driver's school at Waterford the week before) went pretty well. After getting the checker in the third race (mentioned by Mark Davis above), Mark said on the radio "That was awesome!". My response to him was "That's why we do this."

    That video from Garrett's car is cool. That was pretty impressive driving from all parties.

    Phil Kingham

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    Good racing Mark K and Mark D! Mark D, good to see you getting that car up to speed.

    RCFFS mid-field is where the fun is!

    See you all at Pitt.


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    I had a blast this weekend going wheel to wheel. Couldn’t have hoped to meet a better group of people. Overall just had a wonderful experiencing what being apart of was FRP and the RCFFS is all about. Cant wait to get back out there and make more great moments with y’all.

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