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    For Sale 1969 Dan Gurney Eagle Mark 5 F5000

    1969 Dan Gurney Eagle Mark 5 F5000

    Offered at $150,000

    Chassis #511

    Driven by Davey Jordan, 1970, and Swede Savage at the Questor Grand Prix, 1971

    New in 1969 to American International Racing Inc, the team formed in January 1969 by actor James Garner and mobile home tycoon John C Crean (San Juan Capistrano, CA). The Eagle was intended for an AMC engine but AMC pulled out of the deal in August 1969, and the car remained unraced that season. Entered by AIR as their #21 car for Dave Jordan (Cypress, CA) in the Pro series in 1970 using BRE Chevy V8 engines in the first five races. The car was fitted with a Bill Stroppe 305ci Ford V8 for testing at the end of the season. For the Questor GP in March 1971, the car was taken over by Junor-Tarozzi Engineering (Tustin, CA), led by former AAR Trans-Am project manager Robert L. Tarozzi, and fellow AAR crew member Bruce Junor, and fitted with a Keith Black Plymouth engine for Swede Savage to drive.

    The Eagle has undergone a multi year restoration to perfection and has been track tested.


    • Engine builder: Bob Slade/Schurbon Machine
    • Manufacturer: Chrysler
    • Type: V-8
    • Displacement: 302
    • Horsepower: 500+
    • Torque: 420
    • Induction: Lucas Mech Fuel Injection on Hilborn manifold
    • Heads: Chrysler W-2 cast iron
    • Main Chaps: 4 bolt
    • Crankshaft: Sonny Bryant
    • Connecting Rods: Dryer
    • Pistons: CP pistons
    • Camshaft: Comp Cam
    • Valves: Ferrea Extreme Duty
    • Valve Train: Comp Cam roller
    • Clutch: Quartermaster triple plate
    • Pressure Plate: Tilton
    • Flywheel: Tilton
    • Exhaust: Tom Beauchamp flame bent headers
    • Total Time: 4 hours
    • Races: 1
    • Dailey Engineering dry sump pump

    Fuel System

    • Fuel Cell
    • Manufacturer: ATL
    • Age: 2 years
    • Capacity: 17 gal
    • Fuel Pump: Lucas mechanical (electric for priming)
    • Fuel Type: 110 race gas

    Oil/Water System

    • Radiator: AAR style
    • Water Rad Location: Front nose
    • Water Pump: Yes
    • Oil Cooler: Yes
    • Oil Cooler Location: Above gearbox

    Electrical System

    • Ignition: MSD 6AL-2
    • Battery: Red Top 30


    • Type: LG 600
    • Gears: 5 speed
    • Shifter: AAR design
    • Races: 1 race

    Final Drive

    • Ratio: 10:33
    • Case: Magnesium
    • Differential: Limited slip
    • Axles: Mark Williams
    • Races: Same
    • CV Joints


    • Construction: Aluminum
    • Color: Yellow w/ black and white stripes
    • Condition: Concourse
    • Yamaha paint livery


    • Type: Monocoque
    • Builder: All American Racers
    • Material: Aluminum/steel
    • Finish: Painted/anodized
    • Condition: Concourse
    • Front Suspension: Upper/lower A-arm, cad plated, fresh
    • Rear Suspension: Upper link, lower A arm, cad plated, fresh
    • Shocks: Koni adjustable, 1 race
    • Brakes: Girling BR
    • Steering: Schroder
    • Wheels: New mag cast AAR design
    • Tires:Avon


    • Color/Finish: Upholstered AAR style, black
    • Material: Vinyl
    • Fire System: Yes
    • Restraints: Willians
    • Gauges: Smiths chrono tach, oil temp/press, water temp, fuel press
    • Steering Wheel: AAR
    • Condition: Excellent

    Eagle 511 Spares


    • Nose (Painted Same Livery) W/Wings
    • Front Uprights + Front Spindle
    • Complete Suspension (A-Arms, Trailing Arms, ECT)
    • Various Wall Thickness Sway Bars (Front & Rear)
    • Outer Side Skins + Original Skins
    • Steering Rack
    • Floor Pan
    • Interior Side Panels
    • Various Wickers for Rear Wing
    • Girling BR Calipers (Pair)
    • Original Front & Rear Bulkhead (Remains)
    • Wheel Nuts (2 Sets)
    • Eibach Springs (3 Pair)
    • Trailer Wheels/Tires
    • Decals
    • End Plates for Rear Wing


    • NOS W2 Heads
    • Hilborn Fuel Injection Manifold
    • Lucas Fuel Inj. Pump
    • Water Pump
    • Belts for Dry Sump Pump & Crank to Water Pump
    • Fuel Filter Elements
    • Intake & Exhaust Manifold Gaskets


    • Output Shafts for Both CV Joints & U-Joints
    • Pair of Dog Rings

    To purchase please contact K R Baker Area Code413 at 329-0214
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    Default Price Updated

    We've just lowered the price from $199,900 down to $150,000!
    That's more than $40K savings! Offers are accepted!

    Contact me to learn about our amazing vehicle consignment opportunities.

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