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Thread: Radiator repair

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    Default Radiator repair

    It’s been almost a 2 year journey for me and probably 20 years for the car but the Anson came to life today. Oil and fuel system was leak free. The left radiator not so much. Does anybody repair old school rads anymore? If not suggestions on who to send it to to recreate mine. Thanks.

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    It depends on where the leak is. Google "radiator repair" and you should see several shops in your area. They should be able to tell you if yours is an easy fix or not.

    They may do custom work but I have had custom radiators made by Keith Averill ( There are made specialty radiator manufacturers online too. Saldana and Davis come to mind.
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    Saldana is usually very reasonable and quick turnaround.
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    I'm guessing its an aluminum radiator, but if its copper/brass based, there is/was a place in fremont called Centerville radiator. They made many radiators for us in various sizes and thickness of cores. Great service and they pretty much had a lifetime warranty for repair if anything happened to them.

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