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    Default Damper Placement Options


    I have a pair of Ohlins TTX-44 four-way piggyback dampers. My only option to mount them on my RF95 is aft. Currently, I am running Penske 8100s on all corners. Will I gain any performance by a 4-way aft, 2-way front damper combination?


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    A four-way damper could be better than your 2-way, providing it's tuned to work in harmony with your chassis stiffness, wheel rates, tire characteristics, and driving style.

    Run the car extensively on the 2-ways until you are both: completely consistent, and can't go any faster; then try the 4-ways. Of course there's the risk that the 4-ways makes the rear better, and now the overall handling is upset at the expense of lap time...

    (thats the long way to say "maybe")
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rick Iverson View Post
    Will I gain any performance by a 4-way aft, 2-way front damper combination?
    How do you envision gaining better performance, though better grip or a change in balance? Is your balance incorrect at this time?


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