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    Default 87 Reynard or newer wanted to purchase.

    Please contact me if you have an 87 or newer Reynard that you are interested in selling.
    Thank you

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    Default Ready to Assemble

    Reynard SF88 project. $8500
    This is a TDI converted Reynard 88SF similar to the 88FFX driven to an SCCA FF national championship in 1990 This car is the SCCA CFC lap record holder at Hallett Raceway and Mid America Motorplex. Car has ICP calipers, C & R aluminum radiators with modified low drag coverings, Averill nose/front wings, lightened half shafts and CV’s, Hewland gearbox was rebuilt by Taylor Race Engineering including REM finishing on gearsets and spare gearsets, Penske Racing shocks, and Competition Data System. After import from Great Britain the car was originally listed in SCCA log book as owned and driven by Steve Ice who ran the car from April of 1988 to August of 1990. Log books confirm car was entered by Don Fitz from June 1991 to September of 1994, then to Greg Sibley from April of 2001 until October of 2003. I purchased and spent 2004 disassembling and rebuilding the car to run in Comma events at Hallett Raceway in 2005 thru 2007, transferring over to running SCCA in 2008, winning the 2009 Midwest Division of SCCA running as an FC. Car was completely rebuilt at the end of each season. Currently the car has been totally disassembled, frame was crack checked and repaired as necessary, powder coated and is now ready for reassembly. Engine is used Farley running competitively when replaced with refreshed engine for the last season I campaigned car. All parts necessary to rebuild the chassis are available although there are those I would refurbish if I were to keep car and reassemble myself which I will specifically outline in the parts listing below. Manuals on all major components are included. Rebuilding to track ready was my original plan but a heart attack and quadruple bypass changed all that. I’ve got the disassembly part and frame refurbish completed.
    Reynard SF88 Ready for Assy. Including Used Farley Engine,
    Hewland Gearbox, Bodywork, Competition Data System
    Misc. Spares
    Misc. Bodywork, Wings, Diffuser, End Plates Etc.
    Engine Shipping/Storage Container
    8 sets spare gears
    10 sets various springs
    Helicoil Kit
    Spare Stub Axle
    Front ARB
    Rear ARB’s (3) Various Sizes
    Front Track Rods (4)
    Front Uprights (2 Modified, 1 stock)
    Halfshafts (3) (Non Lightened)
    Rear Hewland Cover
    (2)ICP Calipers (2nd Gen)
    Radiator (non alum)
    Racing Radio Set
    Rear Cross Member (TDI Configuration)
    Rear Lower A-Arm
    8 qts Hewland Gear Oil
    10 qts Brad Penn Racing Oil
    Loctite E-120HP Epoxy for Bellypan Bonding
    Hewland Gearbox Manual
    Penske Racing Shocks Manual
    Competition Data Systems Manual
    Items I would Address at Rebuild
    Refurbish Fuel Cell
    Machine New Rear Lower A-Arm Mount
    Rebuild ICP Brake Calipers & Mounting Hardware
    New Brake Pads
    New Safety Harness
    Recharge On Board Fire Supression System (or new)
    Rebuild Oil Pumps/New Oil Lines
    New Engine Belts
    Rebuild Master Cylinders
    Attached Images Attached Images
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