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    Default For Sale: 2004 WF1 Stohr P1 BMOD (as roller)

    For sale my 2004 Stohr WF1 “Rocket” as a roller. $34500

    Excellent BM class SCCA autocross record, with 2nd at 2021 Solo Nationals, 17th overall PAX out of 1200+ entrants. Fastest time of day car in the NW SCCA SOLO field. MaryHill BM class record holder. Currently is without a motor after a rod came apart during my last track day at Area 27. Motor was a 2005-6 “K6” GSXR 1000 - these are available for 2-3k, but even better would be an upgrade to a late model BMW, Kawasaki, or Suzuki power plant. I’ve done a ton of updates and improvements to this car over the years but I’m retiring out of the country and am in the process of liquidating everything. Also available is my 2003 22’ ATC custom aluminum gooseneck trailer for $14000
    Package deal for both with delivery option possible.

    2004 Stohr WF1 Sports Racer
    SCCA roll bar stamp 61-924 (no log book)
    Body & Spar Updated to WF1 spec 2014 by Dauntless
    • HRP/Zebulon Front Diffuser/Splitter (2022)
    • Stohr WF1 P1 floor
    • HRP Primary Element P1 Carbon Rear Wing Assembly
    • Stohr WF1 2nd gen CF body and fenders
    Currently finished in CF “look” vinyl to hide repairs
    • Dauntless dive planes (not mounted)
    • CF Side splitters (“ankle cutters”)
    • Chassis and spar bracing additions to engine bay and spar
    • Updated rear a-arm clevis mounts
    • Updated harness bar for Hans device
    • Schroth harness (2024 expiry)
    • New fuel fill hose (2023)
    • Taylor diff

    Currently configured for K6 GSXR1000
    • Lightweight wet sump configuration
    • Stock ECU reflashed by George Dean
    • K6 wiring harness rewired for MME Pneumatic Gear control
    Note: needs aftermarket gear position sensor to work correctly

    • MME pneumatic paddle shift system (Spring 2023)
    With onboard compressor
    • AIM MXM GPS Dash (2022)
    • AIM sensors (Oil temp, Oil Press, Brake Press)
    • New chassis wiring harness by Mark Uhlmann (2023)
    • CF switch panel (2023)
    • Sparco CF 270mm Wheel (2023) with lockout button for shifter and spare unused button
    • Shocks (rebuilt 2021)
    Front Ohlins ST44 shocks 2” perches
    Rear Ohlins ST44 shocks 2.25” perches
    • Springs
    2” ID x 4” L x 550lb/in (Qty 2)
    2” ID x 5” L x 700lb/in (Qty 2)
    2” ID x 4” L x 900lb/in (Qty 2)
    2” ID x 6” L x 1400lb/in (Qty 2)
    2” ID x 6” L x 1600lb/in (Qty 2)
    2.25” ID x 4” L x 700lb/in (Qty 2)
    2.25” ID x 4” L x 800lb/in (Qty 2)
    2.25” ID x 4” L x 1200lb/in (Qty 2)
    2.25” x 5” L x 900lb/in (Qty 2)
    2.25” x 5” L x 1150lb/in (Qty 2)
    • Updated calipers and master cylinders (Winter 2022)
    Calipers: Wilwood 4 piston, 1.75 Dynapro 120-9693
    Pads: 15A-9835K - Wilwood PolyMatrix A Compound Brake Pads
    Calipers: Wilwood 4 piston, 1.38, Dynapro 120-9703
    Pads: 15A-9835K - Wilwood PolyMatrix A Compound Brake Pads
    Master Cylinders are
    Tilton 75 7/8" (.875) Bore Front
    Tilton 75 3/4" (.75) bore Rear
    Cockpit adjustable balance bar
    New front braided lines 2023
    New hardlines front to rear for clutch and brakes 2023
    • Wheels
    2 sets - With Slicks Mounted
    Shaped inner Kodiak (no label)
    F: 13 x 9
    • Also have shells for 8” for both sets
    R: 13 x 10.5
    1 set - Pirelli Wets Mounted
    Flat inner Kodiak (labeled)
    F: 13 x 8
    R: 13 x 10.5
    Multiple sets of scrubbed in Goodyear slicks
    Mounted slicks have lots of wear left
    • Misc
    Front and Rear Alignment bars
    Specialty diff socket
    Misc calipers and more
    Includes quick lift jacks and modified motorcycle lift

    More images here:

    Onboard video 2021 SOLO Nationals:

    day phone (Pacific Time): 360 740 4472
    Attached Images Attached Images
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