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    Default Classified System User Guide

    Welcome to the General Classifieds forum on ApexSpeed!

    This forum is your central hub for buying, selling, and trading motorsports-related items. Whether you're a dedicated racer, passionate enthusiast, or seeking that ideal piece of gear, our community is here to support you!!

    Subscription Options:
    To enhance your classifieds experience, we offer the following subscription options:
    • 30 Days Classifieds Super License: $20/month
    • 30 Days Recurring Classifieds Super License: $20/month (automatically renews)
    • 12 Month Classifieds Super License: $180/year (best value)

    How to Subscribe:
    1. Access our subscription page.
    2. Select your preferred subscription option.
    3. Complete the order securely through PayPal (debit/credit cards accepted)

    Our goal is to support a thriving motorsports marketplace and empower members to grow their ventures at their own pace.

    Please adhere to the following guidelines as you engage with this forum. Non-compliance may initially result in a friendly reminder, but repeated disregard will lead to a ban from ApexSpeed classifieds and forums.

    ApexSpeed Classifieds Guidelines:
    Individuals Only: Our classified rates and subscriptions are exclusively for individuals.

    Posting Rules and Etiquette:
    • Clearly describe the item you're selling or what you're looking for.
    • Always provide an asking price for items you're selling.
    • Include contact information (email or PM) for swift communication.

    Respect and Transparency:
    • Engage with all members fairly and respectfully.
    • Honesty and transparency foster trust within our community.

    Editing and Replying:
    • Subscribers can edit and reply to ads even after their subscription ends.
    • Non-subscribers can reply but can't edit their posts.

    Bumping Threads:
    • To maintain fairness, bump threads only once a week.

    Retail/Business Posts:

    • Only current ad banner supporters of ApexSpeed can post retail content. Inquire about advertising opportunities.

    Categories and Sub-forums:
    Dive into our categorized sections to find the best fit for your listings:
    General Motorsports:
    • Open Motorsports: Paid listings for items like safety gear, collectibles, racing memorabilia, shop tools, and more.
    • Open Motorsports Wanted: Free subforum for specific motorsports items users are seeking

    Innovation Classifieds:
    • Innovation Classifieds: Paid listings for racing-related innovations by non-business members.
    • Innovation Feedback: Free subforum for community feedback on ideas, prototypes, or non-sale items.

    Vehicles Classifieds:
    • Tow and Trailer Classifieds: Paid listings for legally registered trailers or tow vehicles.
    • Trackable Performance and Exotic Classifieds: Paid listings for high-end racing cars, parts, and accessories.
    • Vehicles Wanted: Free subforum for users seeking specific vehicles.

    Event and Employment Classifieds:
    • Seat/Car Rentals: Paid listings for race car seat or complete race car rentals.
    • Crew Wanted & Available: Free subforum for those looking for or offering crew positions.
    • Employment & Service Opportunities: Free subforum for job opportunities in the motorsports world.

    We're thrilled to have you in our vibrant classifieds community!!!

    Need help or have questions? Don't hesitate to get in touch. Enjoy connecting with fellow motorsports enthusiasts!

    The user account ApexSpeed is acting as a posting agent for the seller and is not selling any items through this website. Please do not contact this user account (ApexSpeed) for information about any listed classified. Use contact information found in ad for all correspondence. Listing accuracy and sales dealings are not the responsibility of the posting agent (ApexSpeed) or the site's owners. As with any online classified dealings, ALL responsibility lies with the seller and the buyer. Buyer beware.

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