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    Default New Stohr P2 car.

    Just wondering how much people have seen/heard about this.

    Stan and Rennie did a nice webcast describing their current efforts, on shop build and new Stohr P2 car.

    The big "reveal" was the way they plan on making the chassis. A definite generational advancement on the current chassis but may (MAYBE?) not so legal to SCCA rules?? I have not studied the details of the chassis compared to P2 rules so I cannot and will not, as of this time, make any comments on the design.

    But I have dealt with Stan and Rennie before and they are both very smart guys and want to make a new generation Stohr for SCCA racing. Whether the SCCA will allow the chassis is still, evidently up for decision. And of course, out of my hands completely.

    But congrats to Rennie and Stan for doing a new car, for thinking out of the box, to try to make a newer chassis that should be a safer package all around. Will be interesting to see what the SCCA says and what current and potential P2 entrants think of teh new car.

    I hope Stan and Rennie all the best of luck in their new venture. The current Stohr is a classic design in SCCA proto racing.

    And I hope the will not be angry in giving all the link to their webcast:

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    After suffering through the whole meeting, it appears that Stohr is also prepared to focus on FA and P1 if their P2 concept is not accepted. I admire their skill and dedication and wish them success.
    As an X racer, my only real response is -- bring back DSR!

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    Default P1/p2

    thank you for sharing, I hope the Stohr folks are ok with it. Very interesting webcast. I can relate, as a competitor, to the level of response in writing letters to the Formula/SR committee and the CRB. The whole process of how "they" structure and control the class needs a complete overhaul, but that is another thread for another day.
    As a P2 competitor, I did recently receive a survey from the CRB about advancing technology in the P2 class. They were looking for yes/no answers and offered no ability to comment.
    I applaud that Stohr are willing to change the new carbon design to "comply" to the P2 rule by adding all of the metal appendages but I think it is a shame to do it.
    Not to beat a dead horse, BUT, P2 was originally framed around S2000 cars with 2.0 stock auto engines, flat bottom cars with a wing. Then, it was to see how to fit the motorcycle cars into those parameters. The CN cars fit that envelope perfectly but over the years by way of the F/SR committee and the CRB here we are today and there were no auto powered cars taking the green flag at this year's runoffs for P2, granted the Ligier would have been 5th on grid and 3 seconds behind pole if it had made it.
    God bless the Claytons and all involved in the Stohr build, it is great that they want to build a new car. They deserve community support.

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    We're perfectly okay with posting a link to the webcast.
    Stan Clayton
    Stohr Cars

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    not having any luck getting this to play.

    ok works on my phone.

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    Any updates on the progress of this project?

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    Interesting video. I was wondering if we were getting to the point where carbon tub racecars cost about the same as steel tube frame to produce new.

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    Default Thanks for sharing

    Quote Originally Posted by Stan Clayton View Post
    We're perfectly okay with posting a link to the webcast.
    I really enjoyed watching the video. It made me really focus on purchasing a used Stohr car vs another brand. My phone conversation with Dave was another huge factor. Fun to see some of the inside workings of the company.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Allemay View Post
    I really enjoyed watching the video. It made me really focus on purchasing a used Stohr car vs another brand. My phone conversation with Dave was another huge factor. Fun to see some of the inside workings of the company.
    If you really want a Stohr, I'd love to talk to you about my car and what's gone into making it decent.

    36O 219 6617 (P)

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