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    Default RCFFS at Pitt in October

    I understand there was some great close racing at Pitt this last weekend. I had to miss it due to testing positive for Covid and having a damaged immune system.
    Love to hear stories.

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    Garrett and I had a great race Sunday morning. Side by side through 3 and 4 about four times. Swapped the lead a few times back and forth. He was leading the last lap, and I screwed up a downshift entering the keyhole, so the gap shown on the results isn't reflective of the close race. The camera wasn't running at the end, so we don't know yet if we have video.

    Mark Walthew chased a misfire on Friday while also using up his slicks. He got that sorted and switched to treads and ran the rest of the weekend.

    I broke a left rear hub in the qualifying session. It separated in the keyhole, so it was a pretty harmless event. That makes something like 4 or 5 broken left rear hubs at Pitt race that I know of. And the guy paddocked next to us in a Challenge Cup Vee also broke a left rear hub, and that's on street tires.

    Doug Fisher and Brian Farrell apparently had a tire on the motorhome blow out on the way to the track Thursday and didn't get in until 3 am Friday.

    Sorry you couldn't make it.

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    Default Pitt Race

    Missed you on track Dave
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    Default Pitt Grip

    Reading Phil's post I have this to add. My car eats up the tread on the R60 radials whenever I go there, I actually use the wear rate there as an indication of whether I have too much or too little static camber. The forces going through the suspension at Pitt will also find out of if you have fatigue failure waiting on deck. What a great venue overall. And that grip results in great tire response, even on a cool or cold day

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