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    Default Hoosier VFF Tire

    If we are rehashing FF tires a full 3 months earlier than past years (did y'all get some early snow or something?), then I am a strong advocate for the Hoosier VFF tire. It's a ton of fun - it talks to you and likes to do some nice slides that are easy to catch. No need for rain tires and they last just about as long as the Toyo, but far faster. And - you can actually get your hands on a set. Toyo has some real bad supply issues, worse than most. An autox friend of mine said he and several others are putting in tire orders now to Toyo for next year. Some people never got their tires for this year.
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    Default FF Tire

    Reid when you right you are right.The VFF tire is great for vintage and great for any FF.It will equalize many older chassis with the newest chassis making SCCA FF financially more affordable.The also are extremely durable and reasonably priced.

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    I am building a rf97 and plan on running the car with vintage groups and only plan on putting the Hoosier Vintage tire on it . I think it’s a good equalizer. I ran it on a rf88 and I thought it was fun plus I believe the tire was easier on the car.


    QUOTE=reidhazelton;634819]While not perfect, the Hoosier radial is a great tire and is still the most viable option in my view.

    Personally, I'd like to see the Hoosier vintage tire be the spec tire. One tire for all conditions is a strong selling point. For the privateer, that's less wheels, less tires, less needed space in the trailer. Also, I like how the vintage tire squirms, slides, and recovers compared to the radial. That's how a FF is supposed to handle. However, I don't see FRP following suit. It's best for the class to keep a common tire between FRP, SCCA, and any other sanctioning bodies. I can't see FRP going to a "vintage" treaded tire. It's not the look parents want or think they should have for Junior. I don't agree with this, but I know some people think it needs to be a "real" racing slick.

    If FRP is open to the vintage tire, then I am all for it and would bring my car back out should SCCA change as well. However, I don't see that happening.[/QUOTE]

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    Default Ran the Toyo's In Canda a couple of weeks ago

    I'd like to start with an "I was wrong".

    A couple of months ago I posted a lot of positives about the Toyo's having run one race on them in 2019. Well we ran them again a couple of weeks ago, and we learned a lot more about them. We did four test days on them prior to the event this time - which we did not do in 2019.

    The big learnings was that they are only at their best for possibly five sessions. That is not any more than we get from the Hoosiers (usually seven or eight). I was previously under the impression via paddock talk with competitors in 2019 that they would last a whole season. But we used three sets to do the four test days and one race weekend - and we really needed at least one more set to do all that time properly. So I apologize to the community for spreading bad information.

    Plus, they are not a fun rain tire. One of the race weekend days was wet the whole day and the braking grip is such that you really have to be extra, extra patent in the braking zones. Takes some of the fun out of the experience.

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