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    Quote Originally Posted by Wren View Post
    I recognize the rule that you keep quoting. But an aluminum panel of at least .060" 6061-T6 mounted to the frame on 6" centers is legal as long as the car does not fall apart without the panel and as long as the panel is not performing another prohibited function.
    An aluminum panel would perform a prohibited function - a structural purpose. The rules allow you do mount an AL panel, but then tell you if it strengthens the frame (of course it will) then it's illegal. Aluminum foil is about the only panel allowed.

    If the Radon mounted a .060 or thicker aluminum panel on 6" centers to the side of the car, then that rule would not even apply to it.
    How the hell are you missing this? The rule applies to frame exterior panels, CLEARLY. This section needs to be deleted entirely so that safety panels may be mounted in FC. Direct conflict in the rules are a sign of crappy rules-writing.

    GCR_9.1.1.3.f: Frame-exterior panels (including, but not limited to, body and anti-intrusion panels) and fastening system(s) shall not be designed or installed in such a manner that they serve any structural purpose other than that of anti-intrusion.

    I don't have to be emotionally invested to realize that a clarification doesn't change the rules.
    Of course it changes and adds to the rules. There would be no bloody point in requesting one if it didn't.

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    Default i promised....

    I promised myself I would Never return to this thread... Now, my psychiatrist has threatened to have me committed... I sincerely hope y'all are happy... BTW, I sincerely hope the Radon can be made 'legal' inexpensively, IF 'legal' can ever be determined... Now, back to my padded cell.... I voluntarily committed myself...
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    This thread has run its course. Too bad it devolved into semantics and arguing. Robert, if you want a ruling from the SCCA about anything, there is a process to go about that. Everyone else needs to go play in the snow...

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