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    Brian, I am always reminded of you.. every time I pick up my gear bag (your old one) I am reminded of you and reminded to take safety seriously. I’ve had several friends get seriously injured (and unfortunately worse in one case) and have seen that recovery can take a long time.. your positive attitude is always nice to hear.

    Sorry to hear about your other troubles. Keep us updated
    -John Allen
    Tacoma, WA
    '82 Royale RP31M
    (‘72 Royale RP16 stolen in 2022)

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    Default over ever part of f1600

    I continue to monitor the F1600 apexspeed forum from high in the Rockies.
    You still inspire us/me with what can be accomplished with shear will power and determination. Use that determination to find something within your capabilities that can keep you fulfilled and out of trees. We need to add a patch to your F1600 jacket for all your injuries that you have survived and overcome and moved on to a restructured new for-filling life. You continue to honor the driving force behind the creation of the one of a kind F1600 jacket.

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    Default Wow Brian!


    I read what you wrote and found a story, an update, a PSA, some humor and a lot more. I am in awe of your life story mostly based on your writing, although we were in the paddock together all those years ago and also know each other a bit. Do you have a talent for writing ?! Maybe become a pit reporter for Jalopnik or GRM or such? It might get you near but not in the racecars, out of the trees, and enjoying some of what you clearly are passionate about?

    Is there a woodsman equivalent of GRM? Grass Roots Lumberjack? Kidding about that. But you do write exciting (but frightening) updates! I think you have a talent in writing these stories. Just saying.

    Keep your positive attitude and keep coming back so that we can cringe a bit, laugh a bit and stay grounded a bit. Your first accident could have been any one of us. thanks for sharing,


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    Brian, thanks for the update. I am sorry that includes some big misfortunes. I also think of you often, usually as I bicycle through Middlefield in the warmer months. (I'm in Rocky Hill) I often wonder if I am going by your house.
    I hope that you have a speedy recovery of your wrist and back. Keep us posted.
    "I love the smell of race fuel in the morning. It smells like victory!"
    Barry Wilcock
    Pit Crew: Tumenas Motorsports/Houndspeed, Fat Boy Racing

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